Frequently Asked Personal Injury Law Questions | Florida

Q. What makes Dennis M. Janssen & Associates different and why should I hire your firm?
A. This is one of our favorite questions. There are many reasons, but here is a quick summary:

By being selective in the cases that we accept, we are able to focus more efficiently on your case, ultimately ensuring the greatest outcome on your behalf. Central Florida has a number of "big box" law firms that try to be all things to all people. Not possible. Here at Dennis M. Janssen & Associates, we decided it is better to serve the limited number of clients that we accept. We believe quality is better than quantity.

We are small and have intimate knowledge of the Courts and Judges in the counties in which we primarily practice. This benefits the client because we know the terrain.

Having a lawyer who has been a victim of catastrophic personal injury benefits the client.

It has been said, "you will never know me, until you walk a mile in my shoes”. How true that statement is for the person who has suffered from personal injuries. Mr. Janssen has experienced loss first hand, which allows him to be an effective advocate for his clients. When negotiating a case with an insurance adjuster or teaching a jury, he is able to explain the pain and disability associated with injury because he has been through it.

An experienced lawyer can make a difference in the settlement amount. Insurance companies are in the business of risk assessment. The yellow pages and internet are full of attorneys claiming to be trial attorneys. The facts are that most attorneys do not take cases to trial. The insurance companies know the attorneys that try cases as opposed to the attorneys who do not try cases. A majority of civil cases do not go to trial because of the risks to both sides. However, a civil trial attorney should be trying 1-2 cases per year. Generally, cases that are handled by law firms that do not try cases are settled for a smaller amount than law firms that do try cases.
Q. Do I need to go to Orlando or Tampa or another big city to find an attorney to handle my case?
Q. What type of personal injury claims do you handle?
Q. How soon after the personal injury should I call your office?
Q. Will I get to speak with a lawyer if I call?
Q. How much is my claim worth?
Q. I was recently in an accident and the other person's insurance company wants to settle the case; should I settle?
Q. Can I recover if the other driver has no insurance?
Q. Why is it important to hire an experienced trial lawyer to represent your interests?
Q. Do I need an attorney who focuses on personal injury law or can I use a general practice attorney?
Q. Lawsuits are expensive, will it cost me any money upfront for filing fees, court costs or expert witness fees?
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