Malpractice Injury Attorney in Central Florida

Doctors are meant to heal, not hurt. But when things go wrong due to a doctor's negligence or outright malpractice, it's time for you to talk to a lawyer. Dennis Janssen is experienced at handling medical malpractice cases in Florida.
Judge and Stethoscope At Desk — Medical Malpractice in Dunnellon, FL
Without the right attorney, your medical malpractice case is over before it ever gets started. These cases are their own animal, as the medical malpractice insurance companies often will not settle out of court, and the very best insurance defense attorneys are routinely found in the medical malpractice arena. If the attorney you choose doesn't have a firm grasp of how to handle the case, as well as the resources, access to experts and ability to take the case to trial, the defense attorneys and the big insurance companies backing these attorneys won't hesitate to take advantage.
You need a tough, competent, experienced attorney to look at your malpractice case. You need Dennis Janssen.
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